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Anouar Association Social good organization Anouar Association is to nourish the potential hidden inside every underprivileged child and elderly person and help them get a foothold. We know that children need a good upbringing, healthcare, good education etc. to nourish their potential. Anouar association has been working on this pursuit throughout its long years of existence. But there are elders too who need care, sustenance and help to earn a living for themselves. Our vision is to help these underprivileged children and elders by fundraising for their cause, volunteering to help them and by helping and supporting them. We aim to bring about a societal change by increasing awareness among people about various issues. There are societal issues which are leading children being rendered recluse and elders being rendered helpless. We want to help these children and elders to support their own cause and earn a living for themselves.
Data Science for Social Good Social good organization Data Science for Social Good is an initiative at University of Chicago, focused on training data scientists to work on problems with social impact, collaborating with social good organizations, and creating open source tools and methodologies that can be used to tackle data intensive social good problems. Education
Data Science for Social Good Portugal Social good organization Data Science for Social Good Portugal is an open community of data scientists, data lovers and data enthusiasts that want to tackle problems that really matter. We believe in the power of data to transform our society for the better, for everyone. Our goal is to connect people who have data skills with institutions that work on projects with social impact, such as charities, public administration and non-profits. Together, we help them collect and transform data into actionable knowledge to ultimately increase their impact. Our mission is to improve the future of society with today’s data. Social Services
MEANS Database Social good organization MEANS Database - a nonprofit food rescue platform - was started with the belief it should be easy for those with excess food to share it with those in need. We’re now in 48 states and counting, helping divert food from the trash to local emergency feeding services with the ease and speed of the internet. Social Services
Metropolis Department of Public Health Social good organization Metropolis Department of Public Health is focused in improving the public health of it's residents Health
UChicago Data for Good Meetup Social good organization ...