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The Child Poverty Action Lab (CPAL) is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization that was born out of the former Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty to address the staggering poverty rate in our city: one in three Dallas children lives in poverty, and Dallas has one of the highest child poverty rates among large cities in the United States. CPAL aims to reduce child poverty by 50% in Dallas within a generation by (1) generating data insights to break big problems into small, actionable ones; (2) facilitating cross-sector, collective action based on data insights; (3) inspiring and mobilizing advocates; (4) optimizing local, state, and federal resources; and (5) infusing innovation into the social sector.

CPAL is not a direct service provider. Rather, we support our local social impact ecosystem - particularly large public agencies - to equitably and effectively serve families living in poverty in Dallas. We apply a human-centered design lens to our work and believe that solutions must be anchored in the needs of the user.

Organization's projects

Project name Summary Status Social impact area
Mitigating Eviction Risk for Residents in the City of Dallas This project is focused on understanding which communities in Dallas are disproportionately affected by eviction and how eviction is associated with various aspects of people and place. Analysis will help shape a strategy to support more Dallas families upstream of an eviction -- i.e., to help them find financial stability in advance of a crisis event. Waiting review Education
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Years in operation: 1 to 5 years

Yearly budget: $1MM-$5MM

Geographical scope: City/Local


1808 S. Good Latimer Expressway


Dallas, Texas 75226

United States of America

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Phone number: 4697672580

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