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Social good organization: Health Economic Development

At Community Insight and Impact we work to enable organizations to quantitatively understand and respond to community needs. We provide comprehensive data analysis and modeling supported by experts in policy, computer science, machine learning, public health, sociology, and design. We are currently focused on assessing community vulnerability to COVID-19 along multiple axes.

Our main focus right now is our Community Vulnerability Index analysis and dashboard. The unprecedented impact of COVID has had a devastating impact on the US. Unfortunately, the populations who are hardest hit were already struggling before the pandemic; this includes rural, homeless, incarcerated, immigrant, and low-income communities. When it comes to understanding the current landscape and allocating resources, it does not make sense to conduct business as usual. These unique circumstances call for a unique approach.

CVI is an open source project led by a team of Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Public Health Researchers, and Web Developers. We aim to help donors and nonprofits make better decisions by using COVID-specific data, as well as metrics designed to measure and predict areas of vulnerability. We have compiled a comprehensive dataset of public health, socio-economic, demographic, infrastructure, and COVID data at the county level for the entire US and constructed 8 literature-review backed metrics to assess a range of community risk and needs: Risk for Severe Economic Impact, Likelihood of Severe COVID Case Complications, Need for Mobile Health Resources, Lack of Information Access, Need for Food Services, Likelihood of Overwhelming the Healthcare System, Community Connectedness, Need for Mental Health Resources.

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Project name Summary Status Social impact area
Community Vulnerability Index Data driven assessment of community needs across multiple axes; currently focused on COVID-19 but will be useful for other pandemics or disasters. done_all Completed Health
Economic Development
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