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Anouar Association is a charitable affiliation that is tied in with putting people at the focal point of progress. This infers a duty that progression forms need to profit people, particularly yet not just the needy individuals, only as an affirmation that people, and how they collaborate with network and society, and the principles that encourage such communication, shape improvement structures. The Anouar association has been working for the welfare of oppressed seniors and children in Morocco since 2007. We try to serve progressively distraught older folks and children in Morocco.

The Anouar Association is committed to advancing quality of life and wellbeing, particularly at the community level, an expansive way to deal with the quality of life and wellbeing through community cooperation. Children and seniors call for advancing relations among ages and developing new types of solidarity. In reaction, the Anouar Association wishes to add to the advancement of the general public for older folks and kids.

Anouar Association has a passion for individuals. The President of Anouar Association, Mr. Mohamed Dekkak, is committed to support the capability of each oppressed older folks and children and assist them with getting a foothold. We realize that kids require normal adolescence, social insurance, appropriate training, etc. to help their latent capacity. Anouar association has been tackling this intrigue all through its extensive stretches of quality. In any case, there are numerous seniors too who require care, sustenance and help to gain a living for themselves.

Since its foundation, the Anouar Association has consistently adhered to the purpose for advancing quality of life, and is effectively upheld magnanimous mindfulness, and endeavored to create administration zones for benevolent work. Be that as it may, neediness in its different structures has progressively pulled into consideration of the Anouar Association throughout the most recent decade.

The moderate pace of the way toward lessening neediness and yearning shows the critical need to create methodologies that better objective the territories where the poor live and the exercises that support them. Numbers of networks in Morocco face noteworthy obstructions to their advancement, and therefore, they experience expanding troubles in to improve the personal satisfaction of their populace economically.

Ait Faska

It is the littlest gathering regarding region with a populace of 19,239, as indicated by the 2004 statistics. The quantity of families is 5264, the extent of ladies is 51.10%, while the quantity of men is 48.90%.

The Ait Faska area is one of the most ruined networks in the territory of Al-Haouz. Neighborhood advancement is feeble, unassuming, ailing in assets. It has a wellbeing community. However, it lacks to oblige the little and helpless populace. It is noticed that this territory has not profited by the channel water because the hydrofluoric change program has not yet been executed in the locale's dirt. So it is accessible on the ground of high caliber, yet the shortage of water watering makes their homesteads feeble as far as creation and productivity.

A mainland atmosphere describes the atmosphere of the area. The temperature in the mid-year arrives at 45 °. It is shallow in winter and may arrive at 3 °. Downpour is low, with a yearly normal of 240 mm. The territory of ​​Al-Haouz is portrayed by severe dry season influencing water assets, where underground conduits are decreased, which makes the issue of water saturated with the area.

The Anouar Association is anxious to share openings through its up and coming occasions and undertakings. The association is focused on raising the quality of life and empowering the individuals in Ait Faska. They trust that the community of Ait Faska leads protected, stable, and independent. The Anouar Association believes that with help from supporters and accomplices, the strategic activities can be conceivable.

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Years in operation: less than 1 year

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DR el karkour ait faska ait ourir، Marrakech 42082, Morocco


Marrakesh, Morocco 40000


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