I am Melvin Sebastian, a person who believe that data science has an enormous potential to do good in this world and at present this resource is highly under-utilized. The reason I decided to pursue a career is data science is its ability to tackle problems ranging from poverty to global warming. To form solutions to complex problems that affect the world in a tangible manner gives me an unparalleled sense of purpose. As a graduate student in Data Science at Monash University, Melbourne, I believe that I have the time, motivation as well as the skills needed to make a change. I am starting to understand the importance and the role that volunteering, and in general, helping people make, no matter how small the contribution. I am interested in using data science in alleviating suffering in all life and preserving the planet for future generations through data modelling, predictive analytics as well as visualization. I believe my ability to explore data using EDA and visualization to extract meaningful insights along with my ability to clean, process and model data would be extremely useful.

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Full name: Melvin Sebastian
User name: melvin97n
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Education: Master's on MS in Data Science(Current) (Monash University)
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Start date: Jan. 7, 2021
End date: None
Hours available per week: 3
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Computer Science (Algorithms)
Experience working on real-world problems using data
Data Visualization
Data Analysis
Random Forests
Time Series Models
Decision Trees
Neural Networks / Deep Learning

Volunteer projects

Project name Organization name Social impact area Project summary Task name Task status
Covid Response Simulator // Scenario Planning for Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) Covid Act Now Education The COVID Response Simulator is a localized, customizable version of the public Covid Act Now (CAN) model. With it, you can take a powerful SEIR epidemiology model and customize it for your county to help plan your response to COVID. The inputs and assumptions in the simulator are modifiable and can be changed to reflect your local realities. In addition, you can project the impact of specific Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) for your county, such as closing schools, restricting business activities, and canceling large events. Based on your inputs, the simulator generates data and graphs illustrating COVID forecasts with and without these NPIs, including estimated case numbers and hospitalizations. Project scoping Started