My professional experiences range from managing US federally funded programs in the US and consulting on poverty measurement in West Africa to being a Product Manager for a publicly traded company in the US. I work really well at the intersection of business and tech teams and have enough fluency in both to thrive.

I'm looking for a role where I can use my project management and product management skills to contribute to a project in need -- It would be really fun to use my French (that admittedly isn't quite fluent in a professional setting) and my background in performance measurement/impact measurement. I can write and coordinate impact assessments, scope a product and manage a build, and read/edit reports.

My motivation at this time is that COVID has me primarily working as a stay at home mom and I would love to have a project that lights up my brain a little bit in a different way. It's always been important to me to give back, to center my time and donations on really innovative and impactful projects.

I am currently looking for paid work and so, pending how that proceeds, my availability may change (to more or less available time). I intend to be very transparent about my availability.

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Full name: Robin Rosenberg
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Education: Master's on MA Gender and International Development (University of Melbourne)
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COVID Mali The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Education COVID Mali is a consortium of skilled engineers, designers, architects, and makers working on prototyping and refining PPE equipment and other medical supplies with localized raw materials in Bamako, Mali. Our team builds much-needed equipment including shields, gowns, prototypes for N95 equivalent respirators, and vacuum molding for bending/forming plastic or plexiglass (i.e. for face shields) to name a few. We plan to procure some raw materials abroad but aim to mainly rely on locally-procured materials for production, while simultaneously bolstering our local community partnerships for those who will fall most vulnerable to the virus. Project scoping Started