Cover Letter To whom it may Concern This letter is to express my interest in applying for volunteering position in Data Analysis role. I learned about the opportunity through job posting. I’m currently majoring in graduate studies in MS in Computer Science from Bishop University. I did my Bachelor’s in Information Technology. My rigorous academic program along with my work experience makes me an ideal candidate for this position. My past professional experience has allowed me to develop a variety of technical and organizational skills which are valuable in the workplace and will help me in this teamwork position. I am proficient in using Computer skills like Microsoft Office, Python with Data Science, Deep Neural Network, Data Mining techniques, Sql and Power BI. I worked at eCIFM Solutions India Pvt. Ltd as Software Developer Trainee where I was responsible to maintain, design and integrate different database projects using various IBM Tririga software. Along with that, I supported a team in managing different projects at various levels which helped me in building teamwork skills along with personal development & growth in terms of interpersonal skills. Moreover, I am compassionate in Data Science with 6 months of internship program at Mapping Mind (Saturday and Sunday). Furthermore, after that I have personal experience in research and projects which are mentioned on github link in resume. This corporate exposure assisted me with learning and experiencing different organizational skills. I have working experience with software like – Python, Jupyter Notebook,Google Colab,Tensorboard and etc. This opportunity will provide me a perfectly diverse and fast-paced arena that I know I will be able to thrive. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you soon regarding this opportunity.

Sincerely, Dhruv Sharma

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Full name: Dhruv sharma
User name: dhruvsharma876
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Education: Bachelor's on Btech in Information Technology (Manav Rachna International University)
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Start date: June 28, 2020
End date: Dec. 31, 2020
Hours available per week: 20
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No stated preferences.
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Text Data (NLP)
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Data from Sensors
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Data > 1TB
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Semi-Supervised models
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Random Forests
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Time Series Models
Causal inference
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Volunteer projects

Project name Organization name Social impact area Project summary Task name Task status
Cloud Enabled Social Media Analytics Framework for Crisis Management Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering (AIDE)Research Center Education This project aims to develop a cloud-based computing framework that will systematically monitor, collect and integrate disaster and crisis-related data streams from diverse social network channels, and turn them into actionable intelligence in a knowledge-base for intelligent inferencing, crisis handling, and decision making. The key components of the proposed framework are three: First, the collection of multilingual and multimodal data (text, audios, videos, images, and location information or other sensor-data) and their conversion into a unified machine-understandable dynamic knowledge-base. Second, the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence techniques for automatic identification, prediction, and detection of any type of crisis or disaster using the unified knowledge-base from the previous stage. 3) Third, the development of an interactive dashboard visualization to facilitate crisis monitoring and management. Project scoping Started