I'm a deep learning data scientist at Intel within the artificial intelligence products group where I am the head of their AI4Good efforts. In this role I've been researching and supporting ways to ensure AI is more transparent, less biased, and more accessible as well as supporting social good organizations with artificial intelligence technologies and expertise. I've been a volunteer data lead with Delta Analytics, applying her NLP knowledge for the social good. The project that I've helped Delta with was with the non-profit OMF where they were wanting to categorize local government meeting minutes. I'm interested in keeping up to date with the various social good projects that are being completed in various organizations, seeing if there is a way for the network of Intel volunteers to help, as well as lend technical support where I can. Love this idea and excited to see where it goes.

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Full name: Anna Bethke
User name: anna_bethke
Skype name: annabeth
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Education: Master's on Aerospace Engineering (MIT)
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