I'm a Master of Public Policy candidate (expected 2021) at the University of Chicago interested in data-driven solutions to challenges in social and economic policy. Previously, I worked as a journalist and in communications for non-profit organizations that conduct research, advocacy, and technical assistance to improve economic outcomes for vulnerable communities. I have experience in data cleaning and statistical analysis in R and Python, and am eager to build my skills further. I would love to assist organizations by preparing data sets for analysis and conducting analyses!

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Full name: Shehryar Nabi
User name: snabi@uchicago.edu
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Education: Master's on Public Policy (Expected 2021) (University of Chicago)
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Start date: June 29, 2020
End date: Sept. 21, 2020
Hours available per week: 12
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Social Science (Economics, Sociology, etc.)
Experimental Methods (RCTs, A/B testing, etc.)
Experience working on real-world problems using data
Data Analysis
Regression Discontinuity
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