I am very interested to apply for the position of Volunteer at the Solve for Good platform.I am a second-year graduate student pursuing an MS in Environmental Science and Policy at the Harris School of Public Policy (University of Chicago) and I will be graduating in December 2020 only. I am currently involved in a climate science emulator research project and spatial data analysis for modeling air quality along the Chicago bus routes. I have gained skills in data analysis and worked on Big Data during my 2 year course here at the school. I am proficient with the use of statistical tools such as Python, R, STATA, SQL, NoSQL-MongoDB, Neo4j, Q-GIS, and MS Excel and have worked with big datasets. Along with quantitative skills, I have completed a Qualitative Analysis course at the University and I am proficient with MAXQDA software. I have built my skills in data visualization using R, Python, Tableau & Looker. I have completed projects in predictive analysis and have built a ETL pipeline to estimate the energy efficiency of the buildings in Chicago. I worked as a consultant to government projects in India for more than 5 years and was involved systems development and business functional consulting roles. I also had worked in techno-commercial consulting for off-shore projects and have project management experience of a thermal power plant and manufacturing industry. I am interested in data analysis and engaging insightful predictive analysis which creates value propositions and solutions for the organization.

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Full name: Bibind Vasu
User name: bibindvasu
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Education: Bachelor's on MS in Environmental Science and Public Policy (University of Chicago)
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Start date: June 20, 2020
End date: None
Hours available per week: 10
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