I have a background in computer science with a PhD in information retrieval and recommender systems. I have worked both as data scientist in data engineer I have experience in managing data science teams, scoping data science project, analysis and bringing them into production. I have skills in problem solving, scoping, designing and building data pipelines, data analysis, simple modelling with python.

Interested in volunteering as I would like to make use of my skills beyond acquiring profit for a few people and also to learn how to use my skills for doing good.

Personal information
Full name: Tereza Iofciu
User name: terezaif
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Not a member of any organization.
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Volunteer background
Education: PhD on Computer Science (Leibniz Universität Hannover)
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Volunteer availability
Start date: June 28, 2020
End date: None
Hours available per week: 4
Volunteering interests
No stated preferences.
Computer Science (Algorithms)
Data > 1TB
Data in Relational Databases
Data in Text Files
Text Data (NLP)
Experience working on real-world problems using data
Data Visualization
Experimental Methods (RCTs, A/B testing, etc.)
Data Analysis
Unsupervised models
Random Forests
Decision Trees

Volunteer projects

Project name Organization name Social impact area Project summary Task name Task status
Analysis of Infonavit’s Mortgage Foreclosed Portfolio INFONAVIT Education Infonavit has a portfolio of several thousands of mortgage foreclosed properties. These properties concentrate disproportionately in several municipalities, so the way and the time Infonavit chooses to dispose of them will have a considerable effect on these communities. Beyond the specific approach Infonavit takes on placing its foreclosed properties back on the market, the only monitoring these dwellings receive centers around the legal procedures needed to claim the collateral. No further analysis is performed on this portfolio and the spatial dimension of the issue is hardly being considered. At the moment, Infonavit is unable to locate with reliable precision its foreclosed dwellings. Project scoping Started