Since my college days I have proactively endeavored in various domains like Computer Networking, Online Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Operations, Competitive Programming, Web Development, Cloud Computing, and DevOps. My varied experience helps me understand the true complexity of data and its associated problems in business.

I have nearly 1200+ hours of classroom and corporate training experience helping people apply concepts like statistical testing, decision sciences, machine learning, recommender systems, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence.

I was invited as a speaker at Google DevFest 2019. Workshop title - "The art of enriching products and services through Data Science"

Recently I developed a multilingual bot (8 - Indian languages) for COVID risk assessment and spreading awareness. - The service is live at I coordinated 10 volunteers who helped with the translation while I build the product from ground-up (using Python, Flask, JS, CosmosDB) and deployed it on Azure.

Personal information
Full name: Sagar Patel
User name: codesagar
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Not a member of any organization.
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Volunteer background
Education: Bachelor's on Computer Science (Gujarat Techonological University)
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Volunteer availability
Start date: June 20, 2020
End date: Nov. 1, 2020
Hours available per week: 10
Volunteering interests
No stated preferences.
Computer Science (Algorithms)
Data in Text Files
Data in Relational Databases
Text Data (NLP)
Experience working on real-world problems using data
Data Visualization
Social Science (Economics, Sociology, etc.)
Experimental Methods (RCTs, A/B testing, etc.)
Data Analysis
Random Forests
Decision Trees
Semi-Supervised models
Neural Networks / Deep Learning
Unsupervised models
Time Series Models

Volunteer projects

Project name Organization name Social impact area Project summary Task name Task status
GraphLab and IDDP Mapping the Spread The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Education Dr. Howie Huang’s GraphLab, together with Dr. David Broniatowski and IDDP (Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics) researchers, is working to map the prevalence and spread of attitudes towards COVID-19 on online social media platforms. They are examining repositories of social media data related to the epidemic, starting as early as January 2020, to map the spread of discussion, information, and attitudes towards the disease and the public health response to the outbreak. Project scoping Pending review