Dear readers,

After completing my post-graduate program in data science and business analytics, I am excited to share my new interests with different social good organizations. I wish to share and expand my interests in exploratory data analysis, visualization creation, and machine learning with you.

With experience in Python, I create models that address classification and regression problems. In addition to these supervised techniques, I can also employ unsupervised learning techniques such as k-means and hierarchical clustering methods. With these tools, I have worked on the below projects:

  • Built a linear regression model to predict the price of a used phone and identify factors that impact the price of used cellular phones
  • Built a logistic regression model to predict if a guest at a hotel will cancel their reservation or not
  • Used ensemble methods to develop a model that would predict the denial of a visa application

In addition to my experience in data science, I hold a master's degree in business and a bachelor's degree in economics from Texas A&M University. Apart from my academic background, I seek to engage with the data science community through volunteer work. Through volunteering, I could gain practical experience with actual data and problems and help others simultaneously. Expanding my foundation in data science is my primary goal in volunteering.

Personal information
Full name: Scott LeCount
User name: scottlecount07
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Education: Master's on Business (Texas A&M University)
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Hours available per week: 5
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Social Science (Economics, Sociology, etc.)
Experimental Methods (RCTs, A/B testing, etc.)
Data Visualization
Experience working on real-world problems using data
Data Analysis
Unsupervised models
Decision Trees
Random Forests

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