Hi Everyone, I started my working life as a network administrator. Back then, everything was running using Windows NT, Novell Netware and using HP UX(unix). I also assist in the backup and recovery of the server. Then I moved on with a career change to study ACCA and got a job doing accounts and subsequently progress to doing FP&A. Hence, my storytelling and analysis skills(esp financial related) is something I'm well equipped with. I took up accountancy because of career and financial aspirations. However, I also learnt in life that endlessly pursuing personal financial goals without having some purpose(contribution back to life/society/environment) is perhaps something I'm missing. Presumably, I'm moving up through Maslow's hierarchy of needs plus my religious background as a Buddhist has prompt me to explore giving back. I still look to better my material life and I'm in the midst of another career switch to becoming a data analyst. This time, its not purely financial reasons but also largely stems from my love for tech, programming, building things. I hope to use what I've learnt so far to contribute back to society as well as to build a portfolio of work that will help me transition to a new career path. My skills are mediocre for now, but I hope as I learn and progress I can contribute in leaps and bounds.

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