Hi, this is Shubham, from India. My current interests lie in Network Science and Machine Learning. I have good experience working with the graph(network) data. Previously, I interned at Queen Mary University of London, UK, and currently at Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain. I aspire to use my skills and knowledge in Data Science to improve the quality of human life and contribute to solving global socio-economic challenges.

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Full name: Shubham Dubey
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GraphLab and IDDP Mapping the Spread The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science Education Dr. Howie Huang’s GraphLab, together with Dr. David Broniatowski and IDDP (Institute for Data, Democracy, and Politics) researchers, is working to map the prevalence and spread of attitudes towards COVID-19 on online social media platforms. They are examining repositories of social media data related to the epidemic, starting as early as January 2020, to map the spread of discussion, information, and attitudes towards the disease and the public health response to the outbreak. Project scoping Pending review