My name is Shruti, and I am a junior at Kalamazoo College, currently leading Harvard WeCode'21 under Professional Development Wing. I am a CS honors student at Kalamazoo College, and also the recipient of President's Grant. I am extremely intrigued by how informative data can be. I believe that data is the center of all developments, tech and non-tech, and have been developing projects which will help alleviate problems common to marginalized communities around the world: healthcare, education, sanitation et cetera.

Recently, I developed an application which would track users' mental health and analyse if we need to reach out to a person's social circle to feel supported. There is a lot of data that tells us signs of deteriorating mental health. SIgns and symptoms is data itself, and now that we have that data, I tried pulling a system which would make it easy for people with mental health crisis to reach out for support. The model used was a random-forest-classifier to classify text of a user. The model also kept track of activity of a user, and used it as an additional feature for better and more accurate predictions.

I am very inspired and passionate about tech and Data in healthcare and environmental sciences. My passion to work, learn and grow will be more aligned with projects I am passionate about in terms of the field they are being designed for.

I have experience using Python and its libraries for data visualization, wrangling and analysis. I also am trained using and managing RDBMS and non-RDBMS. I am currently working and designing a time-series model that would act as a first-responder-service analyzing fires in California.

In the past, I have volunteered with Sunrise Movement as a societal volunteer as well as for YWCA where I helped redesign their digital outreach system.

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