I am an economics graduate. I always wanted to go in research field, research that helps people and helps government to make polices. To learn the use of data and analysis I joined masters course in big data analytics. The place I belong to there is no combination of social science and computer science. But I am really passionate about merging these fields. currently I am onboarded employee of Tata consultancy Service. Projects: 1. Research on education expenditure of Gujarat government between 2005-06 to 2015-16 2. have worked on some Kaggle datasets in order to learn machine learning 3. Fake news detection using NLP 4. As an internship project I have build an end to end framework to detect anomalies in stock prices (using hypothetical dataset, Kafka , spark, PostgreSQL as database, superset as visualization tool)

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Full name: shivani mehta
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Education: Master's on Big data analytics (St. Xavier's college, Ahmedabad)
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