I currently work as a research analyst for a large healthcare organization and am looking to expand my data science skillset. I have a bachelor of science in biology and a master of public health with a concentration in biostatistics from the University of Florida. I'm currently completing the Data Scientist with R career track with DataCamp and have finished 6 courses so far. I'm eager to put my new skills to use, as well as to brush up on my analytical skills. In my current job, I routinely perform data cleaning, visualization, and analysis. I'm most familiar with linear and logistic regression, ANOVA, t-tests, and chi-square tests but I would love to learn other methods and/or apply my knowledge of survival analysis. I would also appreciate the opportunity to hone my data visualization skills using ggplot2 in R. I hope to use my skillset to improve the world in some way while we are all stuck at home due to the pandemic, as well as in my long-term career.

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