I currently live in Chicago, but have lived, learned, and worked in many places (Yugoslavia, NYC, DC, London, Stockholm, Honolulu, Havana, Philadelphia). I have classroom knowledge of most aspects of causal analysis, and extensive experience making disparate and messy data clean and useful. At my current job, I wrangle lots of messy student-level data and run predictive models to help colleges around the US understand, improve, and predict enrollment, applications, retention, financial exposure of various aid and admission strategies, among other things.

I have most experience in the field of education, but a passion for tons of social issues. I'm eager to apply and expand my skills via work on projects on this platform.

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Full name: Sandra Mazlagic
User name: mazlagic
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Education: Master's on Public Administration - International Development (London School of Economics and Political Science)
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Start date: Aug. 24, 2020
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Hours available per week: 4
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