I am Machine learning and data enthusiast. I am currently serving as a cultural ambassador of Pakistan, in United States of America and completing a semester here at DSU, ND. In Pakistan, I am part of the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab, as part of research on Photo Quality Evaluation for Autonomous Photography system. I have been involved with various projects relating to data analytics and ML from over a year now. They include supervised learning for emotion detection using SVM, Audio EEG data classification for multiple pitches, Green Taxi data analysis for various insights, text-based classification for sentiment analysis in different projects and so on. Currently, I am working on Yelp Dataset Challenge for their 12th Round, 2018 through which I have been able to produce detailed EDA to discover key points in evaluating most reviewed items for each businesses for thorough insights into reviews. This project gave me a strong experience with Deep Learning models that I used in object detection in review photos. Not just that, this project improved my ability with handling large data and using EDA to explore the problem sets to define a business solution for the challenge. Added to this, I am volunteering at Best Friend Mentoring Program located in Dickinson, ND in handling their technical requirements - from spreadsheets to developing social media campaigns to utilizing historical and current data in order to develop strategies for expanding the program for involvement of more Mentors to help more Mentees in their personal/academic lifes. I am looking forward to get hands on experience with variety of problem sets, challenging datasets and how I can serve humanity using my skills in Data science alongside improving myself in the field.

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Full name: Azka Hafeez
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