Nonprofit Environment Interactive Map

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This project will promote the sustainability and accessible management of organizational data visualization through an interactive map using javascript.

Health Environment Social Services Energy and Environment International development Public Safety Economic Development Other
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Project scope

Project goal(s)

General - Covert R Shiny App to Javascript to ensure web developers can maintain map - Provide additional guidance to web developers and head of research for sustainability purposes

Map - Edit tutorial, include additional information - Edit definitions page -Develop a system that really highlights our partners above other nonprofits - Change bottom bar filter order, ensuring that data does not go off the side of the map - Help with connection to Gdrive data and launch error - Put a filters in alphabetical order - Automatic update function so we don't have to relaunch from R -Etc


Database of over 6,000 nonprofit organizations Departmental demography, 65 indicators collected from government sources


This interactive map will be implemented on the organization's new website as a public resource.

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