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This project will promote the sustainability and accessible management of organizational data visualization through an interactive map using javascript.

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Background and Motivation

Pionero Philanthropy has developed an all-encompassing database of the nonprofit environment in Guatemala with approximately 6,000 organizations. This database includes information about each nonprofit organization located in the country. This includes nonprofit names, locations, themes, registration status, budget, size, year founded, partner status, religious affiliation, and funding from the Guatemalan government. It is the first and only comprehensive Guatemalan Nonprofit Database bridging the gap in information on the sector. It is Pionero Philanthropy’s goal to be in touch and informed about the Guatemalan nonprofit development environment in its entirety and form as many noteworthy partnerships as possible. This map will help nonprofits, donors, and academics alike.

Project Description

Pionero Philanthropy currently has a database of over 6,000 nonprofit organizations located in Guatemala. These organizations, as well as departmental indicators, are currently displayed on an RStudio/ Shiny App map. However, the organization struggles to easily manage and update the map due to the unique and challenging language of R. We hope this project will help us convert the map to javascript in order to help us move forward with our visualization in a sustainable manner.

Intended Impact

This project aims to make a huge impact on the sector in Guatemala by targeting an extensive audience of nonprofits, donors, and academics. This interactive map with help lead an endeavor to bring more coordination, funding, and research within the Guatemalan nonprofit sector.

Internal Stakeholders

Harriette Rothwell, Founder & Director Emma Bourke, Donor Relations Manager Asia Blackwell, Head of Research Zita Tangel, Head of Communications Annie Durkin, Administration Specialist Daniel Casia, Consultant & Content Creator Juancho, Web Developer

Internal People Available During the Project

Asia Blackwell, Head of Research Harriette Rothwell, Founder & Director Juancho, Web Developer

Start date: July 20, 2020
End date: Feb. 28, 2021

Project tasks

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