PINVAL (PIN Valuation)

Cook County Assessor's Office


Interactive web application that produces a customized valuation report for an individual real estate property.

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Discussion channel for the project task Draft/Prototype of PINVAL

  • Aug. 12, 2020, 7:32 p.m.

    Goal: Know my last valuation quickly and clearly. Proposed Changes: Prioritize layout of page to reflect the flow of exploration. Put valuation at the top. Re-organize and rename tabs--from interviews it seems like some of the organization and naming of the tabs created confusion Rename tab to “Valuation” or “Summary” Summarize the valuation, characteristics, and appeal history quickly and concisely. Turn the “Characteristics” tab into a “Summary” tab. Simplify the left-hand panel and include top-level info (valuation

    Goal: Understand Why My Valuation Is What It Is (3 sections: Vocabulary/Jargon, Valuation History and Appeals, Characteristics and Comparables) Proposed Changes: Get rid of jargon. Replace all the jargon/abbreviations with plain language or with tooltips, if necessary Prioritize layout of page to reflect the flow of exploration. Improve chart legends and highlighting, especially for the history graph. (Maybe include interactive highlighting.) Make chart coloring disability friendly Perhaps chart annotations or “tips” would help with the charts Contextualize what comparables are and how they are determined. Add tool tips/descriptions for each type with a clear, plain language description of the search boundaries. Also include a brief description of whether/how these comps are used by model or analysts. Improve/remove overlaid distributions (“all properties” and “within class”) for neighborhood tab. Used paneled figures instead, or remove median range?

    Goal: Know how COVID affects my valuation. Proposed Changes: Link to existing/external resources for understanding COVID change

    Know where to find other information about my property. Include an external resources section with short descriptions of each external resource (for tax bill, exemption status, appeal timeline/process, Cook Viewer, etc.). Pre-fill PIN if possible.

    Also, any time a PIN is mentioned (in a table, etc.), link to a new PINVAL (or Cook County Viewer?) tab with that PIN pre-filled.