Help design visualization of real-time satellite analyses of forest cover change and carbon

Health In Harmony


Health In Harmony has partnered with Woodwell Climate Research Center in Massachusetts and Gunung Palung National Park in West Kalimantan Indonesia to test a pilot of real-time satellite visualizations of active logging within the boundary of the park and changes in carbon density of the forest over time. However, before doing all the back-end scientific analysis, we would like the help of a user interface expert to help us determine what would be the most effective way to display this data. Knowing where we want to get, will help us determine which data to create. This is not a trivial point given the volume of data which will need to be analyzed on an on-going basis.

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Project scope

Project goal(s)

1) Determination of 4-5 visualization strategies/mock-ups of forest cover loss and carbon stocks.

Interventions and Actions

Interviews with Indonesian national park staff, Woods Hole Staff, Forest Guardians, and Health In Harmony staff to determine desires for the data. Repeat meetings with the same people to test various options of techniques of data visualization.


The data at the moment is theoretical but Woods Hole can show images of semi-annual analyses they have done such as maps with color-coded carbon density. However, these will be static and what we will want to show is changes over time.

Analysis Needed


Validation Methodology


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