Air Pollution monitoring for children

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UNICEF and Solve for Good will work together to analyze various aspects of changes in air pollution especially, related with COVID-19 and to build a platform for air pollution monitoring with a strong emphasis on UNICEF’s operations. The platform will provide functions to manage, analyze and visualize changes in air pollution data at different locations preferably, in countries and cities where UNICEF operates with interests in air pollution monitoring for children’s health.

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Background and Motivation

UNICEF has been working on assessing the secondary impacts of COVID-19. One of them is the changes in the level of air pollution driven by lockdowns. At UNICEF, we are interested in developing a systematic way to measure the impact of the changes on child population and analyze the patterns of the changes and the magnitude of its impacts.

Project Description

The project will be focusing on collecting, visualizing and analyzing the changes in air quality before and during the pandemic. Major input will include satellite based observations of air quality and ground based measurement from open data repository and UNICEF. Child specific data such as child population and school locations will be used in the analysis.

Intended Impact

The outcome of the project will provide UNICEF a framework to consistently monitor air pollution's impacts on children's health especially where the ground observations are scarce and difficult to collect and also will be used as a portal for scientific collaboration on air pollution monitoring and forecasting research.

Internal Stakeholders

UNICEF HQ -Office of Innovation, Division of Data, Analytics, Planning and Monitoring (DAPM) , Climate, Environment, Resilience & Peace UNICEF regional office - EAPRO UNICEF country offcie - Vietnam

Internal People Available During the Project

Do-Hyung Kim Manuel Garcia-Herranz Amy Wickham