PINVAL (PIN Valuation)

Cook County Assessor's Office


Interactive web application that produces a customized valuation report for an individual real estate property.

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This project is completed

Project scope (as of July 1, 2020, 3:22 p.m.)

Project goal(s)

Enhance the UI/UX features of our existing application so that a typical member of the public can interpret the report with ease. Taxpayers want to know a) is the Assessor’s estimate of my property’s market value accurate? b) is the Assessor’s estimate of the market values of properties similar to my property consistent? c) what factors went into the estimate of my property’s market value?

We hope that this application will reduce the number of frivolous appeals, while increasing the number of substantive ones.

Interventions and Actions

Show taxpayers how we estimated their property values


Data is not covered by privacy laws. Data is stored in a SQL server. Most of the data and ETL processes are already well defined.

Analysis Needed

Little analysis is needed.

Validation Methodology

The team will interact regularly with members of the public as beta testers. The project will be successful if the application is launched to the public and received favorably.


The finished application will be migrated from our internal application server to our website’s server, tested, and then deployed to production. We hope to complete this by the end of 2020.

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