Social Media for Public Health

The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science


We are conducting several studies using social media to better understand public health trends and misinformation around COVID-19.

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Background and Motivation

The World Health Organization has declared that the COVID-19 outbreak has given rise to an "infodemic" with widespread misinformation compounding the spread of the disease being distributed on social media. Our goal is to understand how to combat this misinformation while also making valuable data and information from social media available to other researchers and public health professionals.

Project Description

We are conducting several projects including understanding the role of social media in promoting misinformation, understanding how specific groups of people discuss COVID 19, understanding the role of social distancing directives on actual behaviors, examining potential malicious disinformation campaigns, and exploring several different unique dataset.

Intended Impact

The only way we can defeat this virus is if we all work together. Misinformation undermines our ability to do so. This project is critical to ensuring that people make informed decisions.

Internal Stakeholders

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