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The assessment that we create will include features and solutions currently not offered by the current standardized tests in Texas.  These results will rely heavily on the student's progress to mitigate bias and enhance student growth.  Testing environments can be stressful for students, so we are working to implement the AIP as a bi-lingual "stealth assessment" multiple times a year. We will consider the latest child psychology research to make sure the test's design allows students to truly show their capabilities so educators can get the results they need. Standardized assessments are our education system's engine and it is critical that they are effective. Our goal is to make every student independent and employed and authentically assessing our kids will help us reach that goal. The education system currently has many opportunists looking to profit off a public institution. This can lead to an overwhelming amount of options and can stretch the school's budget. This is why we want to privately fund these programs and license the products to districts for free.

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Rating Portfolio Assessments for K-12 Students The purpose of this project is to use data science to grade K-12 students' writing portfolios so students, educators, and parents can get a holistic idea of the student's capabilities. In progress Education
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