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The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is a research-for-development (R4D) organization, with offices in 13 countries and a global network of scientists operating in more than 30 countries. For over three decades, our research results have led to changes in water management that contribute to social and economic development.

IWMI targets water and land management challenges faced by poor communities in developing countries. Based on evidence and knowledge drawn from our science, innovative technologies and testing of business models, IWMI works with governments, farmers, water managers, development partners and businesses to solve water problems and scale up solutions. Together with our partners, we combine research with data to build and enhance knowledge, information services and products, strengthen capacity, convene dialogue and deliver actionable policy analysis to support the implementation of solutions for water management.

IWMI is a Research Center of CGIAR, the global research partnership for a food-secure future.

Organization's projects

Project name Summary Status Social impact area
Amphan: analyzing experiences of extreme weather events using online data Cyclone Amphan made landfall in South Asia on May 20, 2020. It was the most damaging storm in the history of the Indian Ocean, rendering hundreds of thousands of people homeless, ravaging agricultural lands and causing billions of dollars in damage. How were people affected by the storm? What were the responses of individuals, governments, corporates and NGOs? How was it covered by local, national and international media, as opposed to individuals' accounts? Who has created the dominant narratives of Cyclone Amphan; and whose voices go unheard? We aim to use online data -- such as Twitter posts, news headlines and research publications -- to analyze people's experiences of Cyclone Amphan. done_all Completed Environment
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Years in operation: 25 or more years

Yearly budget: $5MM-$20MM

Geographical scope: Multi-national


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