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Volunteer group: Health

MedicMobile is a non-profit organization on a mission to improve health in the hardest-to-reach communities. Medic Mobile serves as the technical lead and a core contributor to the Community Health Toolkit, which helps health workers ensure safe deliveries, track outbreaks faster, treat illnesses door-to-door, keep stock of essential medicines, communicate about emergencies, and more.

Projects that our members are volunteering at

Project name Summary Status Social impact area
Community Vulnerability Index Data driven assessment of community needs across multiple axes; currently focused on COVID-19 but will be useful for other pandemics or disasters. done_all Completed Health
Economic Development
Comparison of Actual and Expected Delivery Dates This project will use a de-identified dataset to examine differences in reported last menstrual period (LMP) as a determinant of a pregnant woman’s delivery data and women’s recorded delivery dates in the CHT application. done_all Completed Health
Identifying economic and financial incentives for forest and landscape restoration in Latin America using Natural Language Processing Forest and landscape restoration is a cross-cutting agenda that traverses sectors such as agriculture, forestry, water and natural resources. While this cross-cutting nature makes restoration an attractive policy measure for carbon sequestration, mitigation, and adaptation, it complicates policy analysis. The sheer volume of text impedes researchers and decision makers from identifying misalignment and monitoring evolving policy and agenda shifts. Analyzing such a large corpus of documents exacerbates policy analysis’ transparency, objectivity, access, and scalability. Our proposal is to standardize and scale policy analysis, alignment, and agenda setting with natural language processing (NLP). A previous proof-of-concept we developed demonstrated the utility of NLP to quickly summarize agenda-specific information from policies. The aim of this project would be to identify financial and economic incentives to support enabling conditions for Nature Based Solutions. In progress Environment
International development