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Last fiscal year, FBNN increased food distribution by 20% to an estimated total of 18.2 million meals. Much of our vulnerable population remains hungry and food insecure due to new and continued barriers, from lack of wages or wage improvements, to lack of access to affordable housing, health care and transportation. The resulting circumstances find our clients under duress, continually forced to make trade-off decisions between feeding themselves and their families, and covering ever-increasing expenses.

This specific project will empower our staff to nimbly steward answers to our clients' needs in the form of food.

Organization's projects

Project name Summary Status Social impact area
Inventory Through-Put Analytics at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada The goal of this project is to help answer important analytic questions about the throughput of inventory for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada (FBNN). The FBNN would like to improve their understanding of what, how much, and where food goes, and how long it stays in the FBNN warehouse. In progress Social Services
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Years in operation: 25 or more years

Yearly budget: $20MM-$50MM

Geographical scope: Region (i.e. Midwest, Northeast, etc.)


550 Italy Drive


Sparks, NV 89437

United States of America

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Phone number: 775-785-5796

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